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National Cookie Day 2019: Where to Get Deals and Free Cookies

The holiday season is all about cookie-eating opportunities, so it makes sense that National Cookie Day—one of the many food-themed holidays we can barely keep track of—falls on December 4. Each year, brands including Mrs. Fields and Insomnia Cookies offer tasty deals for their customers to celebrate, and 2019 is no different. Free Oreo milkshakes, […]

Everyday Meals

National Taco Day 2019: Where to Find Free Tacos and Other Deals

Although National Cheeseburger Day and National Coffee Day weren’t all that long ago, there’s already another “national food day” on the horizon—National Taco Day. On October 4, several restaurants including Taco Bell, On the Border, and Long John Silver’s (yes, they have tacos) will be offering deals and free tacos to celebrate. Taco Bell has […]


What's Cooking? March 2019

*IF YOU’RE NEW TO WHAT’S COOKING, PLEASE READ ENTIRE POST INCLUDING STEPS SECTION :)* Happy March, everyone! Hard to believe we’re already into a new month. Time flies, doesn’t it? WHAT’S COOKING is our ongoing monthly discussion where we can swap ideas, ask questions, share Cookpad recipes, and just generally celebrate and commiserate over the […]