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Krispy Kreme Is Getting 3 New Fruit-Flavored Doughnuts

If there’s any theme to the shift in our collective eating habits over the past month or so, it’s a fascination with the creation and ingestion of various carbohydrates. Purchases of snacks like potato chips were among the most popular panic buys, and Americans are baking so much that there’s now a full-on yeast shortage. […]


3 Unusual Ice Cream Recipes to Make at Home This Summer

Summer may be peach season, zucchini flower season, and tomato season—but everyone knows ice cream is the true hallmark of warm weather. It’s why hordes of people crowd roadside stands when temperatures rise above 70 degrees, clamoring for waffle cones packed with fresh scoops of vanilla and mint chocolate chip. The ice cream truck makes […]


3 Easy Recipe Upgrades Using Spiced Pecans

One of the star snacks in F&W’s collection for Mouth.com, Treat Bake Shop’s Spiced Candied Pecans from Wisconsin live up to their name in all three ways—they’re perfectly spiced and artfully candied with a super fresh, deep pecan flavor. The addictive nuts are great on their own, but F&W executive food editor Tina Ujlaki also […]