How to Make a Cassata, the Most Beautiful Holiday Dessert

  The Chocolate-and-Citrus Cassata on the December cover of Food & Wine is a stunner. Is it a super-simple recipe that you can throw together on a weeknight in under 20 minutes with pantry staples? Nope, not quite. This gorgeous holiday centerpiece dessert takes a little planning, but considering that everyone who has a slice […]

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The Pomelo Is a Citrus Fruit Worth Seeking Out

If you’ve noticed what appears to be giant, unripe oranges lurking among the citrus in your local produce section of late, then you’re in luck. That giant green orb is likely a Chinese grapefruit—otherwise known as a pomelo or shaddock—and it’s a true winter citrus delight, although its size and color may seem intimidating at […]

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You Can Buy a Ton of Brisket at Costco Now

Anyone who’s ever made a pilgrimage to a famous barbecue spot or attended a large dinner on a Jewish holiday is well aware that brisket is probably the best cut of beef around. Of course, part of what makes brisket so special is that it’s almost always smoked or slow-cooked for a number of hours […]


There’s a New Campari in Town and We Love It in Cocktails

Italian amari aren’t exactly known for changing with the times. In fact, that’s a huge part of their appeal. Virtually every corner of Italy has its own version of the herbal liqueurs, often with decades, if not centuries, of history. It’s rare that a stalwart like Campari introduces a new bottle, so when they do, […]

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How to Be a Cook Who Can Wield a Knife with Confidence

Today’s Lesson: Knife Skills Enroll & See All Lessons So Far Welcome to Day One of Kitchn Cooking School! You’ve arrived! Today, your first lesson: knife skills. There is nothing as important to a cook as knowing how to slice, dice, and chop. Today’s lesson will start with the (perhaps surprising!) basics that you need […]