Everyday Meals

These 5-Ingredient Aldi Dinners Are Impossibly Easy

When I need to break free from mealtime monotony, I scour the grocery store shelves to see what’s new (or at least new to me) — and Aldi’s aisles are made for this. The store is full of quick-cooking weeknight proteins, smart shortcuts, and savory sauces, all at affordable prices. Here are five dinner ideas that […]

Food Trends

ALDI Is Launching a Line of 100-Calorie Alcoholic Seltzers

We love ALDI for many reasons—namely their affordable groceries, their sustainability efforts, their underrated wine and of course their famous “Aldi Finds” section. But among their many healthy foods there’s a new grocery item we can’t wait to stock up on the next time we’re there—Vista Bay Hard Seltzer. You may have seen hard seltzers […]