Food Trends

These Are the Healthiest Nuts to Eat

Spoiler alert: There really aren’t any unhealthy nuts. They’re all good for you. Actually, they’re great for you, as they can provide you with much-needed fiber, healthy fats, and key vitamins and minerals. There’s also notable research that shows eating a handful of nuts a day could help you live a longer, healthier life. But […]

Everyday Meals

Our Favorite Knife Brands Are on Deep Discount for Black Friday

‘Tis the season for cooking. And whether you’re prepping a showstopping main, setting up snacks for a holiday potluck, or simply getting a headstart on tonight’s dinner, chances are that you’re grabbing a knife. From do-it-all chef’s cutlery to scalpel-sharp paring blades, a knife is the essential kitchen tool for transforming raw ingredients into memorable […]

Everyday Meals

Sour Punch Trees Are Coming to Stuff Your Stocking

Christmas may still be more than a month away, but don’t let anyone selling snacks and candy know. Treats like mystery candy canes and Elf on the Shelf snack cakes are already available to purchase, and they’re gonna keep snowballing until December, which is truthfully the opposite of a problem.  But if you’d prefer a […]