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Lose weight FAST: How to kickstart your metabolism

If you’re looking to come out of lockdown a few pounds lighter, look no further. You need to speed up your metabolism in order to burn more calories and lose weight. has scoured the web and consulted a range of experts to find out the best ways to kickstart your metabolism. What is metabolism? The NHS […]

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How to make margaritas

The margarita is part of the daisy family of cocktails which grew in popularity in the 20th century. Margarita means ‘daisy’ in Spanish. Cocktails made in the daisy format usually consist of a spirit, citrus juice and an element of sweetness. Although many people believe margaritas originated in Mexico or South America, its origins can […]

Everyday Meals

How to make peppercorn sauce

When it comes to rich sauces, very few can beat a well-made peppercorn sauce. Whether it’s as an accompaniment to your steak, or a delicious dip for your chips, it is a wonderful addition to any meal. Known in French as Sauce au Poivre, it is quick and easy to prepare. How to make peppercorn […]