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Yes, Avocado Milk Is About to Become a Real Thing

At this point in late-stage capitalism, one could certainly argue that there are already more than enough milk alternatives on the market. From coconut to pretty much every conceivable nut and legume, you’d think the market for vegan-friendly, dairy-free milks would be saturated by now. Well, hold onto your avocado toast because it turns out […]


Garbonzo Avocado open Faced sandwich

Ingredients 1 slice fitness whole grain bread toasted 1/2 cup drained chickpeas 1/2 avocado 1/4 teaspoon onion powder 1/4 teaspoon salt Pinch pepper Sliced roma tomato Steps Take the avocado and smash it with a fork with the garbonzo beans Add the seasonings Top mixture on toast and top with sliced tomato Source: Read Full […]


Avocado Lunch

It’s that time of year. Our avocado trees are producing at an incredible rate. This is how my husband showed me to enjoy mine. Ingredients 1 avocado, cut in half Lime juice Mayo Salt and pepper Steps Squeeze lime juice over your open halves. Salt and pepper them. Put a dollop of mayo into each […]


How to Cut and Peel an Avocado

How to cut and peel an avocado, safely and quickly. It’s easy! I once observed the mother of a dear friend of mine meticulously peel an avocado whole, and then cut pieces off of it to use in a salad. I hate to say there is ever any “wrong” way to do something; there are, […]


Avocado Ranch

Sooo many failed attempts at this aioli sauce! It really is amazing with so many different dishes. This dish requires an open top blender or a processor for proper emulsion. Please pay really good attention to the instructions so you get the creamy wonderful results you desire! This recipe is challenging. Ingredients 1 large avocado […]


Avocado Dates Shake

We usually have this when we are working. A healthy and rich goodness to start the day with. Ingredients 1 Avocado 2 scoops Vanilla Ice Cream 5-6 pieces Dates 8-9 pieces Cashews 4 cups Almond milk 2 teaspoons Vanilla Honey 7-8 soaked saffron strands 7 cubes Ice Steps Soak saffron in warm almond milk for […]


Avocado Salads

Romaine and Charred Corn Salad with Avocado Dressing Smashing ripe avocado with olive oil, lemon juice, honey and garlic creates a fantastic, creamy and lightly sweet dressing for this hearty salad by Molly Chester. Use fresh corn when it’s in season for a sweet, tender crunch, and add tangy red onion for just a little bit of […]


Turkey avocado bacon sandwiches (with rosemary olive oil rolls)

Great Sunday evening lunch/dinner! The rosemary olive oil rolls are consolatory homemade! Me and my dad made this today! We wanted to experiment a little and try something new. My dad (from past tries with other recipes we’ve made) has learned that the best combination for dinner is turkey, avocado, and bacon! The rolls are […]


Avocado toast!

This toast is literally made of avocado! I love it! I eat it with a dip egg and a tall glass of apple cider! (In the picture, only one of my toasts has avocado on it) Ingredients 1 whole avocado 2 pieces white Italian bread 1 egg (at room temperature) Salt Pepper Steps Toast bread […]