Sandwich and Wraps

Bacon and Pepper Jack Cornbread Swirls

Prep 15 min Total40 min Ingredients5 Servings6 Pillsbury™ cornbread swirls, paired with garlic butter, savory bacon and spicy pepper Jack cheese, makes for a delicious swirled side bread. Ingredients 2tablespoons butter, melted1/4teaspoon garlic powder1can (11 oz) Pillsbury™ refrigerated cornbread swirls6slices (0.8 oz each) pepper Jack cheese (from 8-oz package)12slices cooked bacon Steps 1Heat oven to […]


Bacon Wrapped Pork Medallions Recipe

“This is variation of a recipe my mother used to make with my own spin on the seasonings!Also, one of our favorites to enjoy around the holidays!” Ingredients Adjust US Metric 8 slices bacon 1 tablespoon garlic powder 1 teaspoon seasoned salt 1 teaspoon dried basil 1 teaspoon dried oregano 2 pounds pork tenderloin 2 […]


Bacon ranch chicken sandwich with avacodo

Its good Ingredients Chicken bacon ranch dressing avacodo lettuce red onion lettuce Steps Pound out chicken wash in egg and butter milk deep fry Take bun put bacon ranch dressing on then lettuce onion swisscheese and tamatoe Put cheese on hot chicken put together and feed yourface Source: Read Full Article


Smoked & Cured Bacon

I’ve been making bacon for a couple years now, and I trust in this recipe to deliver.The finished product is truly amazing! Ingredients BACON RUB(cure) 5 c kosher salt 1 c brown sugar 1/4 c red pepper flake 1 teaspoon pink salt 1 tablespoon black pepper pork belly 1 washed & well dried pork belly […]


Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap

Ingredients 2 lb chicken breast 1 lb bacon 1 cup ranch dressing 10 soft fajita shells Steps Cook 1 lb bacon until crispy. Boil 2 1/2 lbs chicken breast for 35 minutes. Shred chicken and dice bacon. Add 1 cup of ranch dressing to shredded chicken and bacon, mix well. Chill in fridge for 1 […]


TIBS Grilled Potatoes and Veggies

Chef’s Note “This recipe is absolutely delicious.It can be grilled or cooked in an oven. The combination of vegetables and seasonings compliment a lot of dishes. I particularly like it served with my brisket, BBQ Addiction Sauce, and Texas Beans.” READY IN: 1hr50mins SERVES: 8 UNITS: US IngredientsNutrition 8 large skin on russet potatoes (cut […]


Turkey avocado bacon sandwiches (with rosemary olive oil rolls)

Great Sunday evening lunch/dinner! The rosemary olive oil rolls are consolatory homemade! Me and my dad made this today! We wanted to experiment a little and try something new. My dad (from past tries with other recipes we’ve made) has learned that the best combination for dinner is turkey, avocado, and bacon! The rolls are […]