Pressure Cooker Pork Belly Chashu Recipe

[Photographs: Vicky Wasik] This is a pressure cooker adaptation of our popular braised pork belly chashu, the meltingly soft, seasoned pork that often crowns a bowl of piping hot ramen. Instead of cooking the belly low and slow in the oven for three to four hours, we turn to the pressure cooker to achieve a […]

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Jelly Belly Just Rolled Out Fiery Hot Jelly Beans

If there’s one thing you can count on in the world of jelly beans, it’s that Jelly Belly will always take things just a bit too far. From unorthodox flavors like buttered popcorn and rosé to the puzzling existence of jelly bean-inspired seltzer, they’re a company who seems to love creating products that almost nobody […]

Everyday Meals

Jelly Belly Is Making Sparkling Water

No beverage saw its stock rise over the past decade quite like seltzer. Whether spiked or unspiked, the 2010s was the decade of Lacroix, White Claw, the Sodastream, and pretty much any other form of carbonated water you can imagine. But that decade of seltzer-reviving groundwork couldn’t possibly prepare you for Jelly Belly Sparkling Water. […]


Lemon Water for Flat Belly & Weight Loss

Simmer down with lemon, this homemade detox water cleanser is the perfect way to quench your thirst daily and a great alternative to help with weight management. Infuse water with fresh lemon and a splash of honey for this vibrant and sweet detox water. Ingredients Lemons Water Honey and mint for taste Steps Read directions… […]


Tomato Pork belly stew

I been try to create new recipe lately. And here one of them. Because cooking everyday I realize that tomato can perfected every stew dish.With the sourish sweet taste,provided cook it well. Ingredients Salt Sweet soy sauce Curry powder Lemongrass Garlic Red onion Coriander root Chili Tomato Pork belly Dry mushroom (optional) can change to […]