Black Bean Burger

Level:Easy Total: 20 min Active: 20 min Yield:1 to 2 burgers Ingredients 2 cups black beans, drained and mashed with a fork 1 cup seasoned breadcrumbs 1/4 cup grated onions 1/2 teaspoon chili powder  1 egg  Salt and freshly ground black pepper Canola oil, for oiling grill pan  1 to 2 kaiser rolls Arugula, for […]


Spaghetti ala burger patty sauce (beef 🐮)

Ingredients 2 pieces burger patty 1/2 kilo spaghetti (1 small pack) 2 pieces tomato 🍅 1 pieces onion 2 spoon garlic &ginger paste 1 p of sweet pepper/capsicum 1 pack tomato paste (small) 🌶 optional 1 spoon dill (frozen or fresh) 1 spoonCoriander powder (substitute of fresh Corainder.) to taste Salt and pepper 11/2 spoon […]


Simply Burger

Ingredients 1 pc tomato 2 eggs 2 ham Burger bun Tomato catsup Steps Fry egg and ham. Slice tomatoe Make your burger. Source: Read Full Article

Food Trends

Burger King's Meatless 'Impossible Whopper' Is Going Nationwide

Burger King’s meatless Impossible Whopper will soon be available across the country. After testing the meatless version of its signature Whopper in Burger King locations around St. Louis, Missouri this month, the fast food company said in a statement that it plans to continue tests in additional markets “with the intention of nationwide distribution by […]


Stovetop Double-Stack Cheeseburgers

Want a great burger cooked on the stovetop? These double-stacked cheeseburgers are what your cravings desire: thin, tender patties, melty cheese, and a generous amount of secret sauce. Don’t forget a napkin! In the summertime, I like nothing more than grilling some burgers outside with friends and family, but you shouldn’t have to wait for […]