Cheesy Veggie Bake

Ingredients 2-3 bags frozen veggies or fresh vegetables 1/2 Cup diced yellow onion 1 Clove garlic minced 2 T Coconut oil 1 Cup chicken broth 1 Can Cream of Chicken or Cream of Mushroom 1/2 Cup Velveeta cheese (cubed) 1/3 Cup sour cream 2-3 leaves fresh chopped Add herbs depending on preference 1/2 Cup shredded […]

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Cheesy Chicken and Rice Casserole

Active time:20 min. Total time: 50 min. Yield: Serves 6 (serving size: about 1 1/2 cups) Kids aren’t the only ones who love this melty, Creamy Chicken and Rice Casserole. The rice, broccoli, and chicken provide a nice substance for the creamy, béchamel type sauce, while the buttery topping adds crunch and richness. In other […]

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Easy-to-scale cheesy fish pie with kale

Nutrition and extra info uncooked Nutrition: Per serving kcal634 fat37g saturates20g carbs31g sugars8g fibre4g protein42g salt1.7g Ingredients Method Ingredients 200g Maris Piper potatoes, cut into chunks 1 tbsp butterButter butt-err Butter is a dairy product made from separating whole milk or cream into fat and… 1 tbsp flourFlour fl-ow-er Flour is a powdery ingredient usually made from […]

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Cheesy Taco Pasta Might Be the Perfect Comfort Food

Sometimes it’s just one of those weeks when everybody is exhausted and there’s no end in sight, and you’re not sure if you’re getting sick or if you just really need a nap. A good night’s sleep will probably go a long way towards remedying that situation, but first you’re going to need to eat […]

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10 Cheesy Low-Carb Recipes That Use Zucchini

As we’ve said before, zucchini might just be the most iconic component of summer’s lush, abundant crop. Not only is it hydrating and packed with Vitamin C, but it’s also a versatile workhorse in the kitchen. But when we’re not eating zucchini in a salad or sautéed with a bit of garlic and oil, we […]


Cheesy Bruschetta Chicken Is Calling Your Name

Dairy is the hero of this weeknight recipe. Covering plain, previously frozen chicken breasts in a thick layer of garlicky cream cheese makes sure the chicken stays moist and tender, even after an hour in the oven. A layer of diced tomatoes turns the cream cheese into a sweet tomato-cream sauce, and some mozzarella and […]


Stuffed cheesy chicken breasts

A freezer full of skinless boneless chicken is challenging to say the least. We eat it constantly and I can’t seem to make a dent in it. Here’s a rich and cheesy recipe that’ll make you holler UNCLE!! It turned out really well and didn’t turn into a soupy mess. The egg helped it set […]


Cheesy Chicken Crescents

Ingredients 3-4 boneless chicken breasts 2 cans Crescent Rolls 1 Family Size can of Cream of Chicken Soup 1 Cup Milk 1 Cup Velveeta 2 Tbs Butter Steps Boil chicken until done and cut into chunks In a large glass baking pan, roll cooked chicken in crescent rolls Brown in oven at 350° Heat Soup, […]

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Cheesy seafood bake

Nutrition and extra info Healthy Gluten-free Nutrition: per serving kcal511 fat12g saturates5g carbs46g sugars21g fibre12g protein49g salt1.1g Ingredients Method Ingredients 300g medium potatoes (about 3), thinly sliced 2 tbsp milkMilk mill-k One of the most widely used ingredients, milk is often referred to as a complete food. While cow… 40g mature cheddar, finely grated 1 […]


Quick Cheesy Buns

This recipe originated as Omni bread.With a few more added ingredients, became a great vegetarian biscuit/bun.Great for burgers, with butter or jelly, etc. Gluten free, Paleo & Vegetarian friendly. Ingredients 2 Tablespoons Coconut Flout 1/4 teaspoon Baking Soda 1/4 teaspoon Cream of Tarter 1-2 Tablespoon Water 1 Tablespoon Butter (melted) 1 egg Grated Cheese Onion […]