13 Mistakes You’re Making When Ordering Starbucks

If you’ve ever experimented with the Starbucks secret menu—or just tried to customize your own drink—and wound up cringing in horror, you’re not alone. Here’s how to never have a subpar brew again, because you deserve the best morning bev possible. 1. You added syrup *and* sweetener. Ordering an iced coffee with a couple pumps […]


Dandy Blend Coffee

Ingredients 2 tablespoons Dandy Blend mix (Organic or not): 2 cups Milk (Any brand or fat content): As needed Sugar/Sweetener of choice: Steps Boil milk either in a saucepan, kettle or microwave. Mix in sugar and Dandy Blend. Whip it for two minutes (or more) to make Dalgona style Dandy Blend. Serve hot or chilled! […]


Cold Brew Iced Coffee Recipe

[Photographs: Daniel Gritzer] The main thing you need to know about cold brew is right there in its name: It’s coffee that’s brewed using cold (or, really, room temperature) water, rather than hot water. The process takes longer—most methods call for an overnight steep—and the result is a coffee concentrate that tends to taste less […]

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Apple Coffee Cake

Active time: 30 min. Total time: 2 hours, 15 min. Yield: Serves 24 (serving size: 1 [2-in.] piece) Looking for the perfect breakfast treat? This Apple Coffee Cake is warm, fluffy, and practically begging to be accompanied by a glass of milk, tea, or coffee. There’s a nice buttery, crunchy topping, and the glaze is […]

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Is Coffee Good For You? A New Study Says It Is

New research suggests that drinking coffee regularly promotes bone density, which is important to overall bone health. The Hong Kong study, promoted online by the Cleveland Clinic, found people who drank coffee had higher bone mass density than non-coffee drinkers. Cooking dinner shouldn’t be complicated “For all those folks who drink lots of coffee and […]

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OXO’s Coffee POP Container Is a Game-Changer

You can buy all sorts of coffee accessories. A creamer that’s shaped like a cow? Yup. A mug that connects to your phone and keeps your coffee heated to a specified temperature? Of course! A mold that’ll make ice cubes that look like coffee beans? Obviously! While of these accessories may be nice to have, […]

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4 of The Best Coffee Grinders

Sure, you can buy your coffee already ground, so that all you have to do is scoop the stuff right from the bag into your coffee maker of choice, and your coffee would be just fine. (There’s seriously nothing wrong with buying the pre-ground stuff, as long as you store it properly in an airtight […]

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This Coffee Company Wants to Pay You to Quit Your Job

Admit it: no matter how much you may love what you do, everyone has fantasized about dropping everything to travel the world or pursue that passion project. The only problem is that the overwhelming majority of people lack the vacation days and/or financial resources to take an extended break from the real world.  But what […]