Everyday Meals

6 Cooking Techniques to Master Now

Many of us are currently spending a lot of time at home and cooking three (or seven) meals a day. And with that has come a ton of food media full of deep dives into baking and pantry recipes. But I believe there is another major culinary gift at hand: the time to learn some […]

Everyday Meals

Your Complete Guide to Cooking Every Kind of Gravy

Every meal needs a showstopper, and there’s no dinnertime diva that consistently (and deservedly) hogs the limelight quite like gravy. Whether it’s used to top meat and mashed potatoes, or simply served on the side as a delicious dip, there’s few savory offerings that can’t be improved by the addition of rich, hearty sauce. Gravy […]


Cooking Minestrone with the Stove Off

Retained-heat cooking has been around for ages, but I just discovered the idea by accident. Last Sunday, my son had a soccer game that took us out of the house from 3:45 until 6 p.m.—prime cooking hours. I had a Parmesan rind on hand, so I decided to make this hearty minestrone from F&W’s Marcia […]


What's Cooking? March 2019

*IF YOU’RE NEW TO WHAT’S COOKING, PLEASE READ ENTIRE POST INCLUDING STEPS SECTION :)* Happy March, everyone! Hard to believe we’re already into a new month. Time flies, doesn’t it? WHAT’S COOKING is our ongoing monthly discussion where we can swap ideas, ask questions, share Cookpad recipes, and just generally celebrate and commiserate over the […]