So, What Exactly Is Tamari? We’ve Got Answers.

We use a lot of soy sauce in our home cooking, from highbrow Homemade Ramen to lowbrow Hot Dog Fried Rice. But soy sauce isn’t the only soy-based sauce we keep stocked in our cabinets. Tamari, a byproduct of miso, shares many qualities with soy sauce, but provides a distinct flavor and texture. More importantly, […]

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What Exactly Is Falafel, Anyway?

Falafel is a menu staple in Meditteranean restaurants, a popular street food in the Middle East, and widely considered to be Israel’s national dish. But what is falafel, exactly? Falafel History Cooking dinner shouldn’t be complicated The history of falafel is a murky, and rather controversial, one. Though the dish is now undeniably a huge […]