Cauliflower Steak Sandwiches with Red Pepper Aioli

Roasted cauliflower “steaks” make a satisfying and filling vegetarian sandwich. This recipe boosts the flavor factor with a quick and easy aioli sauce, sliced tomatoes, and spicy arugula. When thick slabs of cauliflower, called steaks, are roasted until golden, they become the stars of this vegetarian sandwich. How to Turn Cauliflower into a 5-Star Sandwich […]


Blueberry Jam in the Microwave // Cookbook Recipe

Love jam? Love blueberries? How about making jam in the microwave? Let’s do it! This recipe comes from Sally Vargas’ new book The Blueberry Cookbook. I grew up in the Pine Barrens, in south Jersey, whose acidic, sandy soil provides a most hospitable environment for the growth of blueberries. (There are giant commercial blueberry farms […]


Grilled Salmon with Cucumber Mango Salsa

This quick and easy grilled salmon is kissed with lime and chili pepper, then topped with a cool, refreshing, colorful, and utterly delicious cucumber mango salsa. It’s okay. Go ahead and do a happy dance—you just won summer! Once you master the art of cooking salmon, or any stately fish, you realize you can’t go […]