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Slow-Cooker Fish Chowder

Ingredients 4 slices bacon, chopped 1onion, chopped 2 cloves garlic, minced 6 cups chicken stock 1 cup fresh corn kernels 2 large potatoes, diced 3 stalks celery, diced 2 large carrots, diced ground black pepper to taste ½ teaspoon red pepper flakes, or to taste 1 cup scallops 1 cup uncooked medium shrimp, peeled and […]

Everyday Meals

Lemony Steamed Fish

Ingredients 6 (6 ounce) halibut fillets 1 tablespoon dried dill weed 1 tablespoon onion powder 2 teaspoons dried parsley ¼ teaspoon paprika 1 pinch seasoned salt, or more to taste 1 pinch lemon pepper 1 pinch garlic powder 2 tablespoons lemon juice Directions Step 1 Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C). Advertisement […]


Gravlax With Caraway, Coriander, and Mustard-Dill Sauce Recipe

Gravlax might be the easiest and most inexpensive of luxury foods. [Photograph: Vicky Wasik] Luxurious foods are, practically by definition, extremely expensive. Except for gravlax. For the price of a fresh piece of salmon, you can cure your own gravlax at home, then slice it and serve it as one of the most elegant hors […]


Classic Peruvian-Style Fish Ceviche Recipe

Note: Ceviche is best when it’s served within 5 to 30 minutes after marinating. Use the freshest fish available. Medium shrimp or scallops cut into 1/2-inch chunks can be substituted for fish. What’s New On Serious Eats Yield:4 to 6 Active time:5 minutes Total time:10 minutes Ingredients 1 pound fresh ocean fish such as sea […]


Grilled fish vegetable rice

Ingredients 1 cup basmati rice 1 cup Cabbage shredded 1 cup Capsicum sliced 1 cup Carrots sliced 1 tsp Soy sauce 1 tsp Black pepper Salt Vegetable stock Steps Take fish add garlic ginger paste salt and red chilly powder marinate for one hour. Then grill it at 200degree celsius for 30mins. Take other pan […]

Family Dinners

Easy-to-scale cheesy fish pie with kale

Nutrition and extra info uncooked Nutrition: Per serving kcal634 fat37g saturates20g carbs31g sugars8g fibre4g protein42g salt1.7g Ingredients Method Ingredients 200g Maris Piper potatoes, cut into chunks 1 tbsp butterButter butt-err Butter is a dairy product made from separating whole milk or cream into fat and… 1 tbsp flourFlour fl-ow-er Flour is a powdery ingredient usually made from […]


Broiled Salmon With Chili-Lime Mayonnaise Recipe

[Photographs: Vicky Wasik] Baked salmon offers an easy and convenient way to cook the fish, but, more often than not broiling is your best option—it promises a more intensely browned surface while leaving the center of the salmon tender and juicy. This recipe coats the fish in a thin layer of flavorful mayonnaise seasoned with […]


Italian Fish and Vegetable Stew

Photo by Joseph De Leo, Food Styling by Anna Stockwell With the nearly year-round availability of zucchini and cherry and grape tomatoes, this dish brings color and flavor to the table any time you’d like. Just be sure to choose a firm, light-flesh fish that will hold together when cooked. Yield 4 servings Active Time […]

Everyday Meals

What Is Fish Sauce and How Do I Use It?

If you’re a fan of Thai, Vietnamese, or Indonesian cuisine, then you’ve probably sampled fish sauce. The salty, savory ingredient is used to add umami to dozens of popular dishes, such as pad thai, but can also be used to marinate meats, dress vegetables or punch up the flavor in soups or stews. It can […]

Everyday Meals

Fishless Fish Is the Next Big Thing From Impossible Foods

At this point, Impossible Foods has already done, well… the impossible. They’ve made a totally meatless burger that tastes almost indistinguishable from the real thing, getting it into grocery stores, on the menu at Burger King, and into the public consciousness at a time when we’re reevaluating the environmental impact of our food. From the […]