Everyday Meals

Cadbury uses chocolate machines to make protective kits for NHS

CHOCOLATE machines used by Cadbury have been repurposed to produce visors for medical staff in the fight against coronavirus. Mondelēz International, the parent company of the British chocolatier, said it had partnered with engineering firm 3P Innovation to produce the medical visors. It aims to produce thousands every day for frontline NHS staff. The visors […]

Holidays & Entertaining

Common Threads: Food & Wine Goes Home for the Holidays With Two Chefs: One Palestinian, the Other Israeli

There’s some 
 about the
 pronunciation of “hummus.” For Reem Kassis, author of the cookbook The Palestinian Table, the word starts with something like a sigh, “haahmus”—a lyrical, open-throated hum in Arabic. The same word rumbles when it comes from Michael Solomonov, the Israeli chef behind Zahav in Philadelphia. “Chhhhummoooz,” he says, the Hebrew letter […]

Food Trends

Why Fast Food Used to Be ‘Healthier’ in the ‘80s

These days, most of us would admit that the average menu item at a fast food restaurant isn’t all that healthy. In recent years, chains across the country have been locked in an ongoing arms race, piling on more meat (especially bacon) and adding outlandish menu items that aim to improve profit margins at the […]