Easy Chicken Nuggets for Bento

Ingredients 300 gr ground chicken 1 egg 1 tsp grated garlic (or garlic paste) 1/2 tsp salt 1/2 tsp ground black pepper 1 tsp powder broth (I used mushroom) 2/3 cup – 1 cup breadcrumbs Extra breadcrumbs for coating Oil for frying Steps Mix all ingredients except oil and extra breadcrumbs. I usually start with […]


Lemon Water for Flat Belly & Weight Loss

Simmer down with lemon, this homemade detox water cleanser is the perfect way to quench your thirst daily and a great alternative to help with weight management. Infuse water with fresh lemon and a splash of honey for this vibrant and sweet detox water. Ingredients Lemons Water Honey and mint for taste Steps Read directions… […]


Memorize This Simple Ratio for the Best Overnight Oats

As the weather warms and the summer months draw closer, my breakfast routine is one of the first things to change. I make the switch from hot coffee to iced, and I swap my warm bowl of oatmeal for a pre-packed jar of refreshingly creamy overnight oats. I highly suggest you do the same. Overnight […]

Everyday Meals

Would You Pay $75 For a Cup of Coffee?

How much should a cup of coffee cost? With the ongoing third wave of coffee continuing to push boundaries when it comes to both the sourcing of quality ingredients and the prices we’re willing to accept, the answer to that question has gotten harder to pin down. But for a brief moment of time at […]

Food Trends

Are Pickles Good for You?

Pickles have been linked to a wide variety of health claims. You’ve likely heard someone tout pickle juice as the best hangover cure or as a perfect workout recovery drink. But how true are these claims? And are pickles actually healthy? While pickles may be low in calories, most are very high in sodium—which can […]

Food Trends

Is It Safe for Dogs to Eat Watermelon?

If you’ve ever owned a dog, you probably know that they’ll eat anything and everything they can get their paws on. With summer just around the corner, we’re dreaming about all the delicious watermelon recipes we’re going to make—but is it safe for our pups to sneak a bite or two? Wait, can dogs actually […]


Spanish omelette for weekend breakfast

You can cook it fast by preheating the onions and potatoes in a microwave! Ingredients 1/4 onion 1 potato (small size) To taste salt & pepper 1 tea spoon consomme powder 100 cc milk 3 eggs ☆1 tea spoon starch ☆2 tea spoon water 10 g butter 2 teas spoons olive oil 2 cherry tomatoes […]

Health & Diet

How to Use Running for Weight Loss

“My body just can’t lose weight.” That’s the first thing I heard when I picked up the phone. Sounding frustrated and hopeless on the other end of the line, my client Sarah continued. “If you knew how hard I’ve been working, you’d understand. You’d know I wasn’t making excuses.” Sarah first contacted me after a […]