Everyday Meals

Classic Dry Martini

Photo by Joseph De Leo, Food Styling by Anna Stockwell The classic martini cocktail starts with gin and dry vermouth. Stir the cocktail with ice until well chilled—the outside of the glass should get cold, too. You can use a wide range of gins and vermouths here; keep tasting until you find your favorite. Be […]


Green Hat Gin and Ginger

Active Time: N/ATotal Time5 MIN Yield: Serves : Makes 1 Cocktail Equal parts gin and aquavit make for a super-aromatic cocktail, balanced by spicy ginger beer, fresh lemon juice, and Thai basil. The strong caraway notes in the aquavit pair well with the earthy ginger beer, and the lemon juice and gin add brightness perfect […]

Everyday Meals

Skinny Cucumber-Lime Gin and Tonic

Total Time: :5 Mins Yield: :Serves 1 (serving size: 1 cup) This refreshing and effervescent drink is like summer in a glass. Diet tonic water and lime juice combine for a great low-carb alternative that doesn’t have a strong aspartame aftertaste. For the coldest drink possible, make sure your glass is full of ice before […]


Grapefruit Gin and Tonic

Active Time: 10 MinsTotal Time10 Mins Yield: Serves 2 (about 3/4 cup) Bitterness rating: 4/10. Though we love the blushing pink color from Ruby Red grapefruit, you also can use a yellow-fleshed variety, which will likely be less sweet. We find that a London-style gin works best here; the floral flavors of more botanical styles […]