Here’s How To Safely And Quickly Put Out A Grease Fire

I recently found myself in a rather terrifying situation in which my tiny electric grill went from “hmm, that doesn’t normally get that hot” hot to “ohmygod, that is a fire” hot in a matter of about three seconds. It was luckily the first grease fire I’d ever encountered, but that also meant I had […]

Food Trends

Here's Why Some Grocery Items Are Still Out of Stock

At this point, it really does feel like we’ve been living in quarantine for years rather than months. Even those March trips to the grocery store, which felt like a dangerous mission requiring courage and an organized gameplan, seem to have occurred in a past life. While most of us certainly feel more comfortable running […]

Everyday Meals

Here's How to Get Your Hands on Free Dunkaroos Today

This article originally appeared on Allrecipes. Earlier this year, General Mills confirmed they would be bringing back the hit ’90s snack Dunkaroos, after much pleading and gnashing of teeth on social media. The cookie packs aren’t available yet, but to tease us a bit more, General Mills announced a giveaway of 5,000 Dunkaroos sets today, April 30, […]