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What Is Wine Flour, and How Do You Use It?

Nothing makes me more excited than being introduced to a new ingredient. Whether it’s a spice brought home from travel to exotic foreign climes, or a new condiment sourced at a local market, or some brand-new invention to just hit the market, it gets the creative juices flowing. For some folks, new ingredients like this […]

Everyday Meals

What Is Brunswick Stew and How Do You Make It?

Brunswick stew is cheap, filling, and apparently quite divisive. Here’s what you need to know about the one-pot meal, including where it was created and how to make it:  Brunswick Stew 101  Cooking dinner shouldn't be complicated Brunswick stew is a tomato-based mish-mash of ingredients. It originally called for small game meat—like squirrel, rabbit, and […]

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How to Cook Caulilini—The Cauliflower Variety You Never Knew You Needed

Roughly twenty years ago, Mann’s, a Cali-based vegetable producer owned by Del Monte, delivered broccolini unto to the world. Also known as “baby broccoli,” the long, slender stalks bearing delicate florets (which make it feel more like broccoli’s so-cool, impossibly graceful older cousin than an infant version of the cruciferous veggie) took markets by storm. Broccolini, […]

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What Is Fennel—and How Can You Cook With It?

You may not think you’re familiar with fennel, but you’ve definitely tasted it before. From flavoring pizza sauce to Italian sausage, the flavorful plant serves its fair share of culinary purposes. But what is fennel, exactly—and how should you use it at home? If you’ve found yourself asking these questions, you’ve come to the right place.   […]

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How a Professional Cheese Expert Grades Cheeses

To become a professional cheese grader, Rory O'Brien had to take a series of tests. He already held a BA in Culinary Arts and had been working as a chef for years. In 2008, he was hired by Ornua, the Irish dairy group that markets Kerrygold butter and cheese to the world, and was asked to take […]

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How to Make Easy, Cheap, Perfectly Grilled Steak

Grills and steaks are a perfect match in so many wayys. You get the crusty outside char while maintaining the pink center thanks to the blistering heat on the grill. You don't need much more than that for a summer night to feel like a holiday. But steak is expensive, particularly when it comes to cuts […]

Everyday Meals

How to Get Out of Your Hamburger Rut

I have nothing against hamburgers. But they seem to be the default option at every summer cookout. They're delicious! They're perfectly handheld! They're great for when you want a thing that will allow you to eat an upsetting amount of ketchup! And sure, we're just gearing up for grilling season, but eventually, you might want to switch up your […]

Food Trends

Health Washing: How Packaged Food Claims Obscure Health Facts

Take a walk down the aisles of the grocery store, and chances are, most boxes and bags will be prominently labeled “gluten-free,” “good source of protein,” or “made with whole grains,” among other health claims. Whether it's a sugary box of cereal or a canister of almonds, just about every product is designed to alert […]


How to grill sea bast perfect!

Line caught sea bass found at fishmonger this morning, and asked the chef how to grill the best, as it’s one of my best restaurants in Bristol, too. Ingredients 1.2 kg Sea bass / line caught 3 twigs of fresh rosemary Salt Pepper Olive oil Lemon Steps 1.2kg, 4 person can be fed easily. Olive […]