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What Is Carpaccio and How Do You Make It?

Here’s everything you need to know about carpaccio, a traditional Italian dish with a colorful history:  What Is Carpaccio?  Cooking dinner shouldn't be complicated Carpaccio is an Italian appetizer of thinly sliced raw meat drizzled with lemon juice and olive oil. It’s traditionally made with beef, but can be made with fish (specifically salmon or […]

Everyday Meals

New Oreo Popcorn Is the Ultimate Snacking Experience

With the release of two new varieties already this year, it feels like we’ve hit a level of total saturation when it comes to new and novel Oreo flavors. So what’s the logical next move? Why, Oreo-flavored popcorn, of course. That’s where something called Cookie Pop comes in. Made by snack makers Snax-sational, Cookie Pop […]

Everyday Meals

A Cheese-Themed Hotel Suite Is Coming to London

First a cheese conveyor belt, now a cheese suite. London just might be the world’s new unofficial capital of cheese. This week, the UK chain restaurant Café Rouge announced “The Cheese Suite,” a pop-up experience in Camden that comprises of a hotel room entirely dedicated to cheese. Cheese art! Cheese bedding! Cheese everything! The concept, […]

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Jelly Belly Is Making Sparkling Water

No beverage saw its stock rise over the past decade quite like seltzer. Whether spiked or unspiked, the 2010s was the decade of Lacroix, White Claw, the Sodastream, and pretty much any other form of carbonated water you can imagine. But that decade of seltzer-reviving groundwork couldn’t possibly prepare you for Jelly Belly Sparkling Water. […]

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This Multi-Cooker Crock-Pot Is Cheaper Than the Instant Pot Right Now

When you hear the name Crock-Pot, you probably picture the traditional slow cookers the brand has become synonymous with over the years. However, slow cookers aren’t the only kitchen appliances you can buy from the well-known brand. You can also stock your kitchen with the 6-Quart Express Crock Multi-Cooker from Crock-Pot, which can slow cook, pressure cook, brown, […]

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The Pomelo Is a Citrus Fruit Worth Seeking Out

If you’ve noticed what appears to be giant, unripe oranges lurking among the citrus in your local produce section of late, then you’re in luck. That giant green orb is likely a Chinese grapefruit—otherwise known as a pomelo or shaddock—and it’s a true winter citrus delight, although its size and color may seem intimidating at […]