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The Pomelo Is a Citrus Fruit Worth Seeking Out

If you’ve noticed what appears to be giant, unripe oranges lurking among the citrus in your local produce section of late, then you’re in luck. That giant green orb is likely a Chinese grapefruit—otherwise known as a pomelo or shaddock—and it’s a true winter citrus delight, although its size and color may seem intimidating at […]

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Marie Kondo Is Coming Out With a Line of Kitchen Goods

If you’re familiar with Japanese author Marie Kondo on any level, you can probably recall the fundamental question that became something of a catchphrase via her 2019 Netflix show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo: “Does it spark joy?” Now, the organizer extraordinaire who’s helped countless people purge unwanted possessions has opened up her very own […]

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This Busch Cooler Stocking Is 5 Feet Long and Fits 12 Beers

Stocking stuffers are mostly an afterthought, used to fill space and satisfy some basic holiday tradition. No matter how they’re decorated, Christmas stockings are themselves a mere vessel for temporarily storing small trinkets, candy, and other useless objects forgotten and discarded by the time the ball drops. But what if the Christmas stocking could be […]

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Secret Aardvark is the Hot Sauce I Put on Everything

Let me begin by saying that I am absolutely not a hot sauce fanatic. I’ve never been one to kick up my red beans and rice with multiple glugs of Crystal or douse my burrito in a bath Cholula. Sure, I’ve been to Avery Island, Louisiana, home of the Tabasco production plant—it’s a gorgeous nature […]

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What Is Calamari and How Do You Cook It?

Ever wondered what makes calamari so tasty? You’ve come to the right place:  What Is Calamari?  Cooking dinner shouldn't be complicated “Calamari” is the Italian word for “squid.” In English, we use it to refer to squid meat that is eaten.  You’re likely familiar with fried calamari—you may have even ordered it recently at an […]

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108-Year-Old Says Champagne Is the Secret to Her Longevity

Plenty of people like to toast a glass of sparkling wine to celebrate their birthday, but always finishing her bubbly may explain how one champagne-loving centenarian got there in the first place. Sure chalking up your longevity to a regular tipple is unconventional, but it's not necessarily uncommon: We've seen people credit crossing the century […]

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This Is Hands Down the Best Boxed Wine You Can Buy

If you’re a casual wine drinker and you think you’re somehow above the boxed stuff, I have one question for you: What are you trying to prove?  It’s no secret that I love boxed wine. I’ve written about this very specific passion time and time again.  Related: The Complete Pringles And Wine Pairing Guide Before […]