Everyday Meals

The Pioneer Woman Is Partnering With Purina For a Line of Dog Treats

I’m extremely happy to report that Ree Drummond (aka The Pioneer Woman) has partnered with Purina to ensure that all the doggos of the world are able to experience her homestyle cooking—or at least some version of it. Drummond made the announcement on Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/p/BwDDergFIMD/ I’m excited to finally get to spill the beans on something […]

Food Trends

ALDI Is Launching a Line of 100-Calorie Alcoholic Seltzers

We love ALDI for many reasons—namely their affordable groceries, their sustainability efforts, their underrated wine and of course their famous “Aldi Finds” section. But among their many healthy foods there’s a new grocery item we can’t wait to stock up on the next time we’re there—Vista Bay Hard Seltzer. You may have seen hard seltzers […]

Food Trends

IKEA Is Hosting a Massive Easter Feast

IKEA might have a reputation for being a chaotic furniture-filled maze that has a knack for breaking up otherwise happy couples, but it also has a food court stocked with Swedish meatballs. And boy, are those meatballs popular. That’s why an Easter buffet feast hosted by IKEA is going to be great news for people […]

Sandwich and Wraps

Is a Bagel a Sandwich?

In New York, sandwiches are subject to sales tax. And because “sandwich” can be a nebulous term, the New York Department of Taxation and Finance has put out a bulletin detailing what it considers to be a sandwich. The definition is pretty broad: “A sandwich can be as simple as a buttered bagel or roll, […]


This Drink Is Like an Earl Grey Spritz and It's Perfect

Summer means spritzes, of course — whether it’s the classic Aperol Spritz, or an upgraded frozen version, or any other iteration you can imagine. (How about a Montenegro Spritz? A Cappelletti Spritz? There are very few Italian liqueurs that can’t be spritz-ified.)  The combination of a bittersweet liqueur, sparkling wine, and soda—always with a citrus […]

Food Trends

What Is Oat Milk and Is It Healthy?

Nondairy milk may have begun as a lactose-free alternative for vegans or nondairy eaters, but the rise in popularity can be attributed to much more than being a must-have swap. The options are endless: almond milk, soy milk, hemp milk, rice milk, and more. But there’s a new kid on the block that’s getting a […]

Food Trends

Is Kombucha Healthy? Here’s What Experts Say

Kombucha has a golden reputation in the beverage world. It’s everywhere: from supermarket shelves to workplace refrigerators and even on tap in cafés. As this fizzy fermented tea rose in popularity, so did claims of its health benefits, from improved digestion, metabolism, immunity, liver function, heart health and more. But are these claims backed by […]