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Cut Down on Kitchen Clutter With This Sleek Knife Holder

No matter what we’re cooking, chances are that we’re grabbing a knife. A razor-sharp blade is an indispensable tool in the kitchen for everything from prepping ingredients to adding a finishing garnish, but finding a convenient place to keep them can be a challenge. Many knife sets come with beautiful storage blocks of wood, stainless […]

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The Kitchen in This Tiny Home on Wheels Is Amazingly Luxurious

Living in this 300-square-foot RV in Nashville, Tennessee, looks downright ritzy. The proud owners of this super well-furnished space? Kristin Trout, her husband, and their three pooches (can you spot them above?). Kristin documents her little family’s life in their tiny home on wheels on Instagram, and thousands of people (including us) can’t help but […]

Food Trends

The $4 Cult-Favorite Kitchen Cleaner You’ve Never Heard Of

There’s nothing I love more than the chemical-y smell of a kitchen deep-clean (just ask my roommates). I have to get over that, though. Despite the fact that the noxious fumes indicate that my kitchen is squeaky-clean, they aren’t necessarily the safest thing to breathe in on a regular basis. Not to mention that super-strong […]