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Yes, You Can Make Jam from Vegetables Too

In this time of late summer produce overflow, you've probably already considered what to do with all those tomatoes, or peaches, or blueberries. If you find yourself with a lot of great produce that might otherwise go to waste, you have a few excellent options for preserving it: freezing, canning, pickling, or turning it into […]

Everyday Meals

How to Make Easy, Cheap, Perfectly Grilled Steak

Grills and steaks are a perfect match in so many wayys. You get the crusty outside char while maintaining the pink center thanks to the blistering heat on the grill. You don't need much more than that for a summer night to feel like a holiday. But steak is expensive, particularly when it comes to cuts […]

Everyday Meals

Make This the Summer You Start Making Jam

Jam is one of those kitchen things, like making bread with yeast or pie dough, that seems to be an intimidating no fly zone for even some of the most experienced cooks. It just seems hard! And maybe you'll accidentally grow something gross in there. And I don't know, isn't jam best left to the […]

Everyday Meals

12 Ways to Make the Best Tacos of Your Life

The taco is one of life’s greatest treasures. A gift from Mexico, the taco is a many-splendored thing that works as a meal or as a snack. It’s versatile, satisfying, portable, delightful, and something you can make from scratch at home if you have the right tools and tips. You may never master taco-making like […]


How To Make the Very Best Cheesy Potatoes

Few can resist the comforting combination of tender potatoes and warm, bubbling cheese — which is why this cheesy potato casserole deserves a spot on everyone’s table this spring. Whether you’re hosting Easter brunch or simply making Sunday dinner for the family, it’s sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike. Here’s how […]


Make This Rainbow Wellington Your Vegetarian Holiday Centerpiece

Active Time: 1 Hour 30 MinsTotal Time3 Hours Yield: Serves 8 (serving size: 1 slice and about 2 tablespoons gravy) Impress your friends with this vegetarian centerpiece at your next celebratory gathering. When the loaf comes out whole, the burnished pastry is certainly gorgeous. But when you slice in to reveal the colorful filling, you’re […]


How To Make Instant Pot Yogurt, Step by Step

I admit that I long avoided the Instant Pot’s yogurt function. But curiosity — and weeks of following threads in Instant Pot communities on Facebook — got the best of me. I’m so glad it did, because Instant Pot yogurt is truly a marvel. Perhaps the best part is that you can make your yogurt […]

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Make Fish Tacos, Celebrate Spring

It is finally, officially spring time, which means that we are leaving the season of soups and stews and sailing headlong into a glorious future full of fresh spring vegetables and fruits. No only does that mean that it’s time for asparagus and strawberries; for me, it’s when I start moving away from heartier beef and […]