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Cheesy Taco Pasta Might Be the Perfect Comfort Food

Sometimes it’s just one of those weeks when everybody is exhausted and there’s no end in sight, and you’re not sure if you’re getting sick or if you just really need a nap. A good night’s sleep will probably go a long way towards remedying that situation, but first you’re going to need to eat […]

Food Trends

10 Things You Might Not Know About RosΓ©

Rosé and summer are pretty synonymous—the pink-ish wine is a favorite at outdoor bars and cafés, best served chilled and sipped luxuriously under the sun. (Hence, why it’s sometimes nicknamed “summer water.) It’s ever-popular in The Hamptons; there’s even an entire pop-up experience dedicated to it in New York City, known as the Rosé Mansion. […]

Food Trends

Why Drinking Coffee Might Be Fueling Your Anxiety

You already know that too much caffeine can bring on the jitters. Sip a second espresso after dinner, and you’re bound to feel a bit on edge. But could that 3 p.m. soy latte actually be messing with your mental health? If you struggle with anxiety, the answer may be yes. “Overall, caffeine is often […]