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The Actual Best Way to Toast Nuts

How many times have you been looking at a recipe that calls for toasted nuts and thought to yourself, “what exactly does toasted mean and how do I achieve that?” And if I can buy the nut “roasted” is that the same as “toasted” or are they interchangeable, and does it really matter that much if […]


Cranberry Ile Flottante With Nutmeg Anglaise

Active Time: 1 HR 15 MINTotal Time1 HR 40 MIN Yield: Serves : 8 A festive, classic dessert, ile flottante is all about tender meringues and rich, creamy crème anglaise. The cranberry sauce doesn’t completely melt into the mixture, so there will be beautiful deep red flecks throughout the meringues. Ingredients ILE FLOTTANTE 6 large […]


Meme Mac n cheese

Ingredients 2 cups uncooked pasta 1/4 cup butter 1/4 cup flour 1 tsp salt 1 1/2 cups milk 2 cups velveta cheese Steps Cook pasta In a separate pan stir butter, salt and flour and add milk slowly on low-med heat. When it’s smooth add cheese and put lid on and remove off heat and […]


Macaroni 'n' cheese

Ingredients Macaroni Cheese (of course) Water Pot Love Butter (optional) Steps Put water in pot and boil When done, carefully put macaroni in boiling water (before you do anything, read step 6) Drain macaroni Add cheese to the mix Enjoy!!! ??? Add butter (optional) Source: Read Full Article

Food Trends

Are Bagged Salads Healthy? A Nutritionist Weighs In

Bagged salads are one of the quickest-selling grocery items and range from cut romaine to more diverse greens like arugula to complete salad kits. They’ve transformed meal prep over the past decade with 83% of U.S. households purchasing them regularly, according to data presented in 2015. Consumers are hooked on the convenience of bagged salads and leafy […]


Costco Takes on LaCroix with New Cheaper Sparkling Water Flavors

Costco just upped their sparkling water game. The superstore recently added three flavors to their Kirkland Signature line of fizzy beverages, and the new cans are strikingly similar to the cult-favorite seltzer LaCroix in both look and price. The line from Costco’s private label already consisted of flavors like black raspberry, orange mango and kiwi […]