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This One Mistake Can Completely Ruin Baked Salmon

Let’s face it: Salmon is king in America when it comes to seafood preferences. It’s easy to source, easy to cook, a healthy protein, and most people (even seafood-averse kids) love it. And salmon is so versatile, from super-basic Tuesday night supper to fancy Saturday night dinner party. You can flake it into eggs for […]

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The One Cyber Monday Deal Every Wine Lover Needs to Shop

While it takes years to make the perfect bottle, your wine’s flavor and aroma are on borrowed time the moment you pop the cork. That’s what makes Coravin’s openers so great. Through a patented system that uses a thin needle to enter the cork without creating a hole, the ingenious gadget allows you enjoy a […]

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How One Woman Lost 58 Pounds and Managed Her Diabetes

Shana Adams was 23 years old when she was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Her family has a history of the disease and Adams recalls she was scared to death when she found out she had it too. Adams’ diagnosis prompted her to lose 60 pounds, which she maintained for three years, but she eventually […]


Draft Beer at Home: One Step Closer to the Dream

A tap at home is the dream of many a craft beer lover. Your particular ale of choice is never quite as good out of the bottle as it is on draft, and some beers are available only by the keg. One solution is a specialized fridge called a Kegerator, but unless you have plenty […]

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One Third of Americans Still Aren't Familiar With Plant-Based Meat

Two of the biggest ongoing stories in the food industry revolve around a single topic: meat. Both camps agree on a single point: The way humans currently consume meat is problematic, be it for health, for environmental reasons, or because of inhumane treatment. But the solutions are distinctly different, though not mutually exclusive. A new […]