Pop-Tarts® Recipe

“These homemade Pop-Tarts® include all the flavor of the original, but don’t contain any of the stuff you can’t pronounce on the back of the box! They freeze well and can be filled with anything. Try pumpkin butter, cinnamon sugar, Nutella®, or peanut butter and jelly! Homemade fruit preserves are delicious as well! Top with […]

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Pretzel Pop-Tarts Arrive This December

For years, Pop-Tarts have been a tasty treat that you could also pass off as a very rushed breakfast in a pinch. They’re available in a plethora of sweet flavors ranging from the fruity to the downright dessert-like. But for the latest Kellogg’s toaster pastry offering, things are about to get a bit saltier. That’s […]

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Confetti Cupcake Pop-Tarts are Coming Back This Summer

Who says you can’t eat cupcakes for breakfast? Certainly not Pop-Tarts. The fan-favorite Confetti Cupcake flavor is finally coming back. It was last seen on shelves in 2017 and, according to a press release, it’s the second-most requested flavor to return to the Pop-Tart lineup. But that’s not all! The toaster pastry brand is also […]