Baked rice with tomatoes & artichokes

Preparation time: 10 minutes Cooking time: 45 minutes Total time: 55 minutes Serves:4 Ingredients 250g uncooked basmati rice 1 tbsp olive oil 2 onions, diced 4 garlic cloves, crushed 1 tsp sweet smoked paprika 150g stringless helda beans, trimmed and sliced on the diagonal180g pack Unearthed Slow Roasted Tomatoes 1 lemon, zest, then cut into […]

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5 Low-Carb Recipes to Add to Your Weekly Meal Plan

Meal planning makes life easier: You can organize your shopping lists, plan your cooking, and know just the right answer when the kids ask, “What’s for dinner?” But when you add a low-carb lifestyle into the process, it can get a lot harder. Gone are the big batches of rice to fill up on, gone […]

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Why Do Some Bread Recipes Call For a Second Rise?

Amateur bakers quickly learn that making bread is a waiting game. Depending on the recipe and type of yeast used, rising alone can take anywhere from three to 24 hours, meaning that a lot of a baker’s energy goes toward keeping an eye on towel-covered dough. The entire process results in something delicious, but can […]

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10 Cheesy Low-Carb Recipes That Use Zucchini

As we’ve said before, zucchini might just be the most iconic component of summer’s lush, abundant crop. Not only is it hydrating and packed with Vitamin C, but it’s also a versatile workhorse in the kitchen. But when we’re not eating zucchini in a salad or sautéed with a bit of garlic and oil, we […]

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Our Top 20 Cauliflower Recipes (What a Superstar It Is!)

31 days, 31 vegetables. Will you take our challenge to eat every single one this month? Cauliflower has been the most powerful vegetable of the past few years, roaring into kitchens as so much more than a simple, delicious veggie. No, it’s been jumping into all kinds of surprising places: pizza crust, rice, veggie “steaks” […]


3 Unusual Ice Cream Recipes to Make at Home This Summer

Summer may be peach season, zucchini flower season, and tomato season—but everyone knows ice cream is the true hallmark of warm weather. It’s why hordes of people crowd roadside stands when temperatures rise above 70 degrees, clamoring for waffle cones packed with fresh scoops of vanilla and mint chocolate chip. The ice cream truck makes […]

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Our Best Blueberry Recipes

Blueberry Bread Pudding With Lemon Hard Sauce Pre-made Sara Lee pound cakes are the perfect base for a creamy, decadent bread pudding. Once thawed, we cube and toast the all butter pound cakes in then oven before dressing them up with vanilla custard base, lemon zest, and fresh blueberries. After baking the pudding to custardy, […]


10 Easy Dinner Recipes for Lent

If you’re observing Lent, then you’ve been abstaining from eating meat on Fridays. And with about a month left to go, you may be starting to feel like you need a little inspiration. These 10 dinner ideas are centered around vegetables, beans, and seafood, making them perfect options for Lent — although they’re so tasty […]

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28 Recipes to Make in February

Coconut Chickpeas with Winter Squash
 Chef JJ Johnson’s take on winter comfort food is exactly what you’ll want to cook (and eat) on a cold February night. 28 Recipes to Make in February Moroccan Chicken-and-Couscous Soup Chicken soup is a wintertime staple, and this Moroccan version has all of the traditional ingredients plus a level […]