Sparkling Rosé Cocktail

Active Time: 10 MINTotal Time10 MIN Yield: Serves : 2 Bright and bubbly, this simple cocktail is as drinkable as it is endlessly riffable. For added sweetness, stir in an extra spoonful of jam, or try grilling your peaches for a hint of smoke that accentuates the tequila. Ingredients 6 tablespoons (3 ounces) tequila 2 […]

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The Rosé G&T

By muddling fresh strawberries, you’ll quickly infuse gin with a touch of sweetness and a lovely pink hue that’s easy on the eyes. The recipe calls for grapefruit tonic, but grapefruit soda from San Pellegrino or Q Drinks will work in a pinch. Try it with: Nikka Coffey Gin (Japan). Japanese whiskey powerhouse Nikka burst onto the gin scene […]

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The Whole Foods Spring Rosé Sale Is Back

Believe it or not, summer isn’t all that far away—which means, apart from warmer weather—the grills start firing up, outdoor bars open for the season, and the rosé flows freely. Luckily, Whole Foods is reprising its “Sommelier Best in Class Rosé Wine” spring promotion, where Devon Broglie, the brand’s Master Sommelier, hand-picks several bottles—10, this […]


The rose hip hibiscus tea

This tea is a little more difficult to find than Japanese cherry blossom. Although, rose hip hibiscus tea is very healthy, it does not have caffeine. Make sure you look carefully at this recipe before deciding to make it! Ingredients 2 rose hip hibiscus tea bags 2 teaspoons cane sugar 1 tablespoon heavy cream (such […]