Food Trends

Are Bagged Salads Healthy? A Nutritionist Weighs In

Bagged salads are one of the quickest-selling grocery items and range from cut romaine to more diverse greens like arugula to complete salad kits. They’ve transformed meal prep over the past decade with 83% of U.S. households purchasing them regularly, according to data presented in 2015. Consumers are hooked on the convenience of bagged salads and leafy […]


Avocado Salads

Romaine and Charred Corn Salad with Avocado Dressing Smashing ripe avocado with olive oil, lemon juice, honey and garlic creates a fantastic, creamy and lightly sweet dressing for this hearty salad by Molly Chester. Use fresh corn when it’s in season for a sweet, tender crunch, and add tangy red onion for just a little bit of […]


Spring Salads

Buttermilk-Dressed Spring Greens
 Chef Eli Dahlin of Dame in Portland, Oregon, blends full-fat cottage cheese into this supereasy buttermilk dressing to add body and a luxurious creaminess. Quinoa Salad with Spring Vegetables When she’s cooking at home, The Chew co-host Carla Hall likes to prepare whole-grain salads. “They’re nutritionally awesome and really filling, plus they […]


7 Great Grilled Salads

Give your salad a boost of smoky flavor by grilling the greens—it’s super easy and mega delicious. Here are seven great ways to char your salad:  1. Grilled Endives with Serrano HamThis simple salad is all about flavor harmony, not complicated technique: the nutty acidity of the reduced sherry vinegar balances the rich salty ham and […]