13 Mistakes You’re Making When Ordering Starbucks

If you’ve ever experimented with the Starbucks secret menu—or just tried to customize your own drink—and wound up cringing in horror, you’re not alone. Here’s how to never have a subpar brew again, because you deserve the best morning bev possible. 1. You added syrup *and* sweetener. Ordering an iced coffee with a couple pumps […]

Everyday Meals

Starbucks Is Giving Free Coffee to First Responders

It’s been an unimaginably, agonizingly brutal stretch of time for anyone remotely involved in dealing with COVID-19. That goes for not only doctors and nurses, but also paramedics, health care workers, and anyone else remotely putting themselves in harm’s way against an unseen enemy. To say the least, they’re going to need a whole lot […]

Food Trends

Starbucks Debuts First New Pumpkin Spice Drink Since the PSL

In the 16 years since Starbucks debuted its Pumpkin Spice Latte in just about 100 stores, the autumnally-inclined beverage had become a globally-anticipated sensation and an annual demarcation of the return of fall. Of course, sometimes that return comes in August, as it does this year when PSLs hit Starbucks stores on their earliest launch […]

Food Trends

Another Starbucks? Some People in Philly Are Fed Up

In most cities, Starbucks is omnipresent. It’s almost impossible to walk more than 1,000 feet in a touristy part of town without bumping into one, and their arrival in a hip or previously blighted neighborhood is one of the surest markers of gentrification there is. While most of us tolerate their presence, doing little more […]