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Glittery Maple Syrup Is Here to Save Breakfast

These days, it can feel like there’s not a whole lot to get excited about. Time moves slowly and monotonously. Completely deprived of breakfast ideas and devoid of the will to try something new, each morning begins with a meal that seems duller and blander than what came before. But what if there was a […]

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Celebrate Pride at Home With These Rainbow Recipes

Pride parades and parties may be canceled amid the COVID-19 pandemic, but that doesn’t mean Pride Month is canceled. While it’s vital to look for ways to honor the civil rights struggle inherent in Pride Month, it’s symbolic and fun to pair that with some iconic rainbow celebration via fantastic food. Check out these seven colorful […]

Everyday Meals

Cheesy Broccoli Shepherd’s Pie

READY IN: 1hr INGREDIENTS 4chicken breasts, diced into chunks 1onion, diced 2garlic cloves, diced 4tablespoonsbutter 4tablespoonsflour 1⁄2teaspoonmustard powder 1⁄4teaspooncayenne pepper 2cupswhole milk 1cupcheddar cheese 1⁄2cupparmesan cheese 1⁄2cupmozzarella cheese 1headbroccoli, cut into florets and parboiled 2cupsmashed potatoes 4spring onions, chopped 1teaspoonsalt 1⁄2cupmozzarella cheese NUTRITION INFO Serving Size: 1 (440) g Servings Per Recipe:6 Calories: 576.2 Calories […]

Everyday Meals

Skinny Cucumber-Lime Gin and Tonic

Total Time: :5 Mins Yield: :Serves 1 (serving size: 1 cup) This refreshing and effervescent drink is like summer in a glass. Diet tonic water and lime juice combine for a great low-carb alternative that doesn’t have a strong aspartame aftertaste. For the coldest drink possible, make sure your glass is full of ice before […]