Cardamom tea

#Refer to #Shona khan Ingredients 1 cup water 2 cardamom(ilaichi) Half cup milk 1 tbs suger to required Half tbs patti Steps Take a small pot add water cardamom(ilaichi) bring it to boil now add tea Patti Nestle milk pack or sugar to required Source: Read Full Article


Herbal tea

Spring season brings flowers as well different changing seasonal smells too from plants.this tea helps you much to cure cough and illness Ingredients 3-4 basil leaves 1 teaspoon Indian tea chaipatti 1 teaspoon sugar optional 1 teaspoon grated ginger 1 teaspoon ajwain or carom seeds 1 cup water 1 cup milk 2-3 leaves mint Steps […]


Tea loaf

Nutrition and extra info Vegetarian Nutrition: Per serving (10) kcal279 fat1g saturates0.4g carbs61g sugars42g fibre2g protein5g salt0.31g Ingredients Method Ingredients 170g sultanas 170g raisins 1 orange, zestedOrange or-ange One of the best-known citrus fruits, oranges aren’t necessarily orange – some varieties are… 300ml hot strong Earl Grey or Lady Grey tea 2 medium eggs, lightly […]


The rose hip hibiscus tea

This tea is a little more difficult to find than Japanese cherry blossom. Although, rose hip hibiscus tea is very healthy, it does not have caffeine. Make sure you look carefully at this recipe before deciding to make it! Ingredients 2 rose hip hibiscus tea bags 2 teaspoons cane sugar 1 tablespoon heavy cream (such […]