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Over the Top Nachos Recipe

"These nachos can be served as a meal, but all the good stuff makes for a great appetizer or snack while watching a game or a quick lunch for your family and friends.Better plan on making two plates of these, they’re really good!Serve with sour cream, salsa, and guacamole." Ingredients Adjust US Metric 1 pound […]

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The Best Wines to Snag at Trader Joe's for Under $20

Now that dry January is almost over—hey, I tried!—it’s time to kick off a very exciting series diving into how to find truly great, highly affordable wines right at your favorite grocery stores. Because wine should be easy, folks—from the buying to the drinking. So, we’ll be perusing the aisles of your favorite one-stop shops, […]

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The Largest Snickers Bar in the World Weighs Over Two Metric Tons

The Super Bowl is the biggest television event of the year—at least as far as advertisers are concerned—so brands are always attempting to tie their biggest ad campaigns to football’s biggest game. And this year, Snickers taking that concept very, very literally. Today, the candy brand has unveiled the largest Snickers bar ever—an attempt to […]

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These Are the Healthiest Nuts to Eat

Spoiler alert: There really aren't any unhealthy nuts. They're all good for you. Actually, they're great for you, as they can provide you with much-needed fiber, healthy fats, and key vitamins and minerals. There's also notable research that shows eating a handful of nuts a day could help you live a longer, healthier life. But […]

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New Oreo Popcorn Is the Ultimate Snacking Experience

With the release of two new varieties already this year, it feels like we’ve hit a level of total saturation when it comes to new and novel Oreo flavors. So what’s the logical next move? Why, Oreo-flavored popcorn, of course. That’s where something called Cookie Pop comes in. Made by snack makers Snax-sational, Cookie Pop […]


How to Make a Cassata, the Most Beautiful Holiday Dessert

  The Chocolate-and-Citrus Cassata on the December cover of Food & Wine is a stunner. Is it a super-simple recipe that you can throw together on a weeknight in under 20 minutes with pantry staples? Nope, not quite. This gorgeous holiday centerpiece dessert takes a little planning, but considering that everyone who has a slice […]

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The Pomelo Is a Citrus Fruit Worth Seeking Out

If you’ve noticed what appears to be giant, unripe oranges lurking among the citrus in your local produce section of late, then you’re in luck. That giant green orb is likely a Chinese grapefruit—otherwise known as a pomelo or shaddock—and it’s a true winter citrus delight, although its size and color may seem intimidating at […]

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The Actual Best Way to Toast Nuts

How many times have you been looking at a recipe that calls for toasted nuts and thought to yourself, "what exactly does toasted mean and how do I achieve that?" And if I can buy the nut “roasted” is that the same as “toasted” or are they interchangeable, and does it really matter that much if […]