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It’s Shark Week! Snap Up These Major Deals on SharkNinja’s Better-than-Starbucks Coffee Maker, Blender, and More Kitchen Must-Haves.

It’s Shark Week, and that means one thing: Sharks are everywhere. And while, yeah, the sea creature is pretty scary-cool, there’s a different kind of shark out there that could prove to be more useful this week. Yes, we’re talking SharkNinja appliances. From Shark vacuums to that better-than-Starbucks Ninja coffee maker, come for the puns, […]

Food Trends

We’re Obsessed With These 21 Vegan Trader Joe’s Products

Being vegan is getting easier as it becomes more socially accepted, and Trader Joe’s sure knows how to cater to my plant-based needs. From well-priced staples to fun specialty items, it’s pretty easy to get everything on your vegan grocery list at TJ’s. Here are some of our favorite vegan items that are both pretty […]


Watch: We Wish These Artisanal Water Makers Were Real

The hipster desire for handmade everything has ventured into some oddly specific places from shops devoted to nothing but mayonnaise to bespoke balaclavas. One thing that seems too simple to ever get the artisan treatment: water. You filter it, you bottle it, you probably charge a little too much for it. End of story. Not […]


These Women Are the Future of Mezcal

In the agave-spiked Oaxacan town of Santa Catarina Minas, Graciela Angeles mixes sugar into instant coffee and sets out a plate of pastries. Angeles runs Real Minero, a mezcal distillery forty kilometers outside of Oaxaca City, and she and her brother Edgar, who helps with the business, are taking a rare moment to sit down, […]