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This One Mistake Can Completely Ruin Baked Salmon

Let’s face it: Salmon is king in America when it comes to seafood preferences. It’s easy to source, easy to cook, a healthy protein, and most people (even seafood-averse kids) love it. And salmon is so versatile, from super-basic Tuesday night supper to fancy Saturday night dinner party. You can flake it into eggs for […]

Everyday Meals

Embarrass Yourself with this Pair of KFC-Themed Crocs

Unless you take your fashion cues from the heavily face-tatted Post Malone or disgraced ex-restaurateur Mario Batali, you probably believe that Crocs should not be worn in public pretty much ever. Well, I guess someone important in KFC’s marketing department must be a time traveler from 2006, because the brand has made the questionable decision […]

Food Trends

This Multi-Cooker Crock-Pot Is Cheaper Than the Instant Pot Right Now

When you hear the name Crock-Pot, you probably picture the traditional slow cookers the brand has become synonymous with over the years. However, slow cookers aren’t the only kitchen appliances you can buy from the well-known brand. You can also stock your kitchen with the 6-Quart Express Crock Multi-Cooker from Crock-Pot, which can slow cook, pressure cook, brown, […]