Everyday Meals

This Prosecco Purse Holds a 6-Pack of Bubbly

Why spend $100 on an alcohol-toting vessel when a brown paper bag works just fine? FASHION, that’s why.  Ruffino’s new transparent Prosecco purse is for people who truly DGAF. The Italian wine label has partnered with Brooklyn-based indie designer Stickybaby to bring the booze-tote to life.  As ridiculous as this accessory may be, you can’t […]

Everyday Meals

This Eggplant Lasagna Is the Perfect Summer Comfort Food

You know and love lasagna. You know and love eggplant parmesan. But have you ever considered combinging the two into one delicious, vegetable-filled but still very cheesy dish? Because you should. This time of year, when vegetables are so abundant that you might be trying to figure out ways to use them up, giving them the pasta is […]


Memorize This Simple Ratio for the Best Overnight Oats

As the weather warms and the summer months draw closer, my breakfast routine is one of the first things to change. I make the switch from hot coffee to iced, and I swap my warm bowl of oatmeal for a pre-packed jar of refreshingly creamy overnight oats. I highly suggest you do the same. Overnight […]

Health & Diet

What Happened When This Woman Went from a Low-Carb Diet to Counting Her Macros

Today's transformation photos are often a lot more nuanced than "I lost weight." Case in point: A recent Instagram post by Shannon Collins, an Indiana-based woman behind the account @thegymnurse. Collins posted three side-by-side photos to show the results of revamping her diet twice. (Related: 15 Transformations That'll Inspire You to Start Lifting Weights) https://www.instagram.com/p/BrQT5TRlCX0/ […]


This Aloe Liqueur Is Our New Cocktail Secret Weapon

We live in an era of the liqueur. Whereas ten years ago, most fruit liqueurs were garishly colored and unthinkably sweet—liquid candy boozed up just a smidge—today, you’ll find bottles that beautifully echo the flavor of their star ingredient, from straight-up berry liqueurs to spiced pear to even unlikelier-sounding numbers like this stellar banana.   Aloe […]