Food Trends

This $33 Cast Iron Kettle Keeps Your Tea Piping Hot for Longer

A piping hot cup of tea is a great afternoon pick-me-up. But as avid tea drinkers know, there’s a definitive teapot hierarchy. Some teapots are poorly insulated, turning your tea into a disappointing lukewarm brew. Enter: cast iron kettles. These tea vessels are sturdy and attractive, plus they retain heat better than ceramic and stainless […]


This Simple Vinaigrette Is Here to Level-Up All Your Fall Meals

If I’ve learned anything from my friends who work in restaurants, it’s that the difference between a nicely cooked but simple homemade meal and an excellent restaurant meal is often one thing: a sauce. And many of them, including my favorite, the Brown Butter Vinaigrette, are pretty simple to throw together. The Brown Butter Vinaigrette […]

Food Trends

Can This Candy Cannon Save Halloween?

It’s clear by now that Halloween in 2020 is going to look a little different than in previous years. The CDC has already put out their own guidelines for how to handle the candy-based holiday safely, and it sure looks like traditional methods of trick or treating will require some modifications in order to stay […]