Like Savory Drinks? Grab This Celery Root Liqueur

When you hear the word “liqueur,” you’re likely to think of something fruity, or perhaps a little floral: either way, flavors on the sweeter end of the spectrum. But as with everything in the cocktail world, there are exceptions. And the Celery Root Herbal Liqueur from Chicago-based producer Apologue is one of the most interesting […]

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The Kitchen in This Tiny Home on Wheels Is Amazingly Luxurious

Living in this 300-square-foot RV in Nashville, Tennessee, looks downright ritzy. The proud owners of this super well-furnished space? Kristin Trout, her husband, and their three pooches (can you spot them above?). Kristin documents her little family’s life in their tiny home on wheels on Instagram, and thousands of people (including us) can’t help but […]

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This Genius $8 Tool Helps Me Open Literally Every Jar I Own

I don’t like asking for help—especially in the kitchen. It’s not that I think I can do everything, but there’s so much to learn from experimenting with (and sometimes failing at) recipes. Plus, I have my pride. However, there’s one thing I always beg my roommate/boyfriend/whoever is nearby to do: open a darn jar. Maybe […]

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This Guy Is Selling a Popeyes Chicken Sandwich for $100

If you’ve been on the internet at all during the last few days, you know that people are going absolutely bananas for Popeyes’ new chicken sandwich. The thing is supposedly better than Chick-fil-A’s signature item, so it makes sense.  One Maryland man took to Facebook yesterday to capitalize on the hysteria.  Anthony Washburn listed one […]

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This Coffee Company Wants to Pay You to Quit Your Job

Admit it: no matter how much you may love what you do, everyone has fantasized about dropping everything to travel the world or pursue that passion project. The only problem is that the overwhelming majority of people lack the vacation days and/or financial resources to take an extended break from the real world.  But what […]

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This $2 Tool Makes Packing Lunches a Million Times Easier

My cabinets are very familiar with “lunch box gear.” Cubes and bentos, plastic and stainless steel, gimmicky freezer packs and reusable cutlery — I’ve seen it (and tried it!) all over the years. But after a decade of portioning and packing and washing so many tiny containers, I’ve figured out what works for us and […]