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Embarrass Yourself with this Pair of KFC-Themed Crocs

Unless you take your fashion cues from the heavily face-tatted Post Malone or disgraced ex-restaurateur Mario Batali, you probably believe that Crocs should not be worn in public pretty much ever. Well, I guess someone important in KFC’s marketing department must be a time traveler from 2006, because the brand has made the questionable decision […]

Food Trends

This Multi-Cooker Crock-Pot Is Cheaper Than the Instant Pot Right Now

When you hear the name Crock-Pot, you probably picture the traditional slow cookers the brand has become synonymous with over the years. However, slow cookers aren’t the only kitchen appliances you can buy from the well-known brand. You can also stock your kitchen with the 6-Quart Express Crock Multi-Cooker from Crock-Pot, which can slow cook, pressure cook, brown, […]

Everyday Meals

This Busch Cooler Stocking Is 5 Feet Long and Fits 12 Beers

Stocking stuffers are mostly an afterthought, used to fill space and satisfy some basic holiday tradition. No matter how they’re decorated, Christmas stockings are themselves a mere vessel for temporarily storing small trinkets, candy, and other useless objects forgotten and discarded by the time the ball drops. But what if the Christmas stocking could be […]