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A Comprehensive Guide to Our Favorite Cheap Beer

When I turned 21, it became clear to me that I was going to need to figure out a go-to cheap beer. It’s necessity for any seasoned drinker who enjoys casual bars, afternoon parties and visiting new places. There’s a time for a craft IPA, but there are also times when you just need to […]


How to Easily Save Greens That Are About to Spoil

I know not everyone has a green thumb. I’m lucky to have a yard planted to the bursting point with herbs and greens as well as other delicious comestibles. But even if you don’t grow them, when you shop at a farmer’s market or your local grocery store, I’m betting we both sometimes run into […]


How to Carve a Turkey the Easy Way

Congratulations on your perfectly roasted turkey! It’s going to be delicious. But, even though you’ve got a gorgeous golden-brown bird on the table, you’re not in the end zone just yet. The last step of the turkey cooking process is perhaps the most stressful: carving.  It can be a messy and somewhat unpleasant-looking affair (no […]

Everyday Meals

Why I Refuse to Buy Expensive Nonstick Cookware

I’m a firm believer in the idea that spending more than the minimum on certain kitchen tools is beyond worthwhile. For example, a few really good knives will last you for many, many years. A really good skillet/saute pan is worth its weight in gold—for evenness of both heating and cooking. A crazy-heavy enameled cast-iron […]

Everyday Meals

Yes, Avocado Milk Is About to Become a Real Thing

At this point in late-stage capitalism, one could certainly argue that there are already more than enough milk alternatives on the market. From coconut to pretty much every conceivable nut and legume, you’d think the market for vegan-friendly, dairy-free milks would be saturated by now. Well, hold onto your avocado toast because it turns out […]

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Where to Buy Filters for CDC-Approved Cloth Face Masks

According to CDC guidelines released in April 2020, non-medical cloth face masks and coverings are now recommended as a best practice to help slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19. As a result, tons of brands have pivoted their resources to produce cloth face coverings for the general public.  To meet CDC guidelines, […]