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The Actual Best Way to Toast Nuts

How many times have you been looking at a recipe that calls for toasted nuts and thought to yourself, “what exactly does toasted mean and how do I achieve that?” And if I can buy the nut “roasted” is that the same as “toasted” or are they interchangeable, and does it really matter that much if […]

Everyday Meals

The Way We Eat: Joel Fox, Creative Director in Ojai, California

Name: Joel Fox, creative director and video producerLocation: Ojai, CaliforniaWho eats together? Two, Joel and his wife JenniferAvoidances? Both are vegetarian, and Jennifer gets sick eating soy or any beans Joel Fox is a creative director and video producer who lives in Ojai, CA with his wife, Jennifer Day.When he’s not making branded videos or directing kid shows like […]

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The Surprising Way This Dietitian Uses Collagen Powder

I know people sometimes assume dietitians are these magical creatures who are healthy all the time and subsist on avocado toast and matcha. But we’re not perfect, nor are we perfect eaters. While I practice what I preach in the big-picture sense of good nutrition, I have some favorite indulgences and enjoy foods that may […]