Frozen yogurt

Nutrition and extra info Gluten-free Vegetarian Nutrition: Per serving kcal110 fat6g saturates5g carbs10g sugars9g fibre1g protein4g salt0.1g Ingredients Method Ingredients 200-300g strawberries (depending on how fruity you want it), hulledStrawberry straw-bare-ee Once available in Britain for just a brief period during the summer, strawberries are now a year… 300g Greek or Greek-style yogurtYogurt yog-ert Yogurt […]


How To Make Instant Pot Yogurt, Step by Step

I admit that I long avoided the Instant Pot’s yogurt function. But curiosity — and weeks of following threads in Instant Pot communities on Facebook — got the best of me. I’m so glad it did, because Instant Pot yogurt is truly a marvel. Perhaps the best part is that you can make your yogurt […]


Frozen tropical fruit yogurt

Nutrition and extra info Freezable Gluten-free Vegetarian Nutrition: Per serving kcal98 fat3g saturates2g carbs15g sugars14g fibre1g protein2g salt0.1g Ingredients Method Ingredients 480g frozen tropical fruit mix 170g Greek yogurt 2 tbsp maple syrup or honeyMaple syrup may-pul sir-rup The rising spring sap of a number of varieties of maple tree… 200g diced tropical fruit and […]