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PSA: There May Be Bugs in Your Strawberries

The world is pretty much a bummer right now, but at least warmer summer weather will soon be upon us. With that comes seasonal fruits and vegetables like strawberries. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a good strawberry, right? As a further sign that we’re absolutely not allowed to have nice things in 2020, it […]

Everyday Meals

Here's How to Get Your Hands on Free Dunkaroos Today

This article originally appeared on Allrecipes. Earlier this year, General Mills confirmed they would be bringing back the hit '90s snack Dunkaroos, after much pleading and gnashing of teeth on social media. The cookie packs aren't available yet, but to tease us a bit more, General Mills announced a giveaway of 5,000 Dunkaroos sets today, April 30, […]

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Make Me a Cocktail Is Your At-Home Quarantine Bartender

We’ve all been there before: you find yourself at home ready to unwind with a drink, but don’t have what you need to make your go-to cocktail. Under normal circumstances, that could be solved by a quick trip to a liquor or grocery store. You could even visit one of these novel places called “bars” […]

Everyday Meals

The “What’s Your Stuf” Box Is an Oreo Lover’s Dream

There’s an astonishing range of Oreos currently available on the market. From a plethora of flavors to different levels of creme filling, the possible permutations are seemingly endless. Well if you’ve ever thought of performing some sort of Oreo “stuf”-level taste test, you should know about a new mega pack that combines every thickness of […]

Everyday Meals

Your Complete Guide to Cooking Every Kind of Gravy

Every meal needs a showstopper, and there’s no dinnertime diva that consistently (and deservedly) hogs the limelight quite like gravy. Whether it’s used to top meat and mashed potatoes, or simply served on the side as a delicious dip, there’s few savory offerings that can’t be improved by the addition of rich, hearty sauce. Gravy […]