How to surprise a coffee lover

To please a friend who loves coffee is not so easy – you may not know for sure his preferences, and accidentally give something for his birthday that he already has. In order not to spoil the surprise completely, you can start by asking if he makes coffee at home on his own. If not, then you can start your gifts list with:

A coffee grinder, as there is nothing better than coffee from freshly ground beans. Such coffee will have a richer aroma and taste compared to already grinded coffee from the shops.

Coffee machine: try to imagine how your friend likes coffee, remember your general orders in cafes and restaurants. Maybe he would like to use a pour-over coffee maker or cezve if he likes to be involved in the cooking process, or he doesn’t like to waste time – in which case you should consider a French press or Aeropress. You can also get an espresso machine for a present.

If he already has any form of a coffee maker at home, you still have coffee-related gift options:

Coffee subscription: this service gives you the opportunity to receive coffee beans at your doorstep every month or every quarter. You will be able to choose the degree of roast and region of origin of the coffee, or you could option for ordering new types of coffee beans every time. A very handy thing. By the way, you can buy green coffee beans at to roast them at home by yourself.

Coffee accessories: a pour-over coffee maker, a milk frother, a travel mug, a small cezve will also not be superfluous.

Coffee mug: you can order a handmade mug or pick up a large coffee mug with a quote that you associate with your friend.

Books about coffee: various books on the subject, for example, about the history of coffee or coffee brewing methods in different parts of the world.

In the end, even if you choose some gift not from the list, you can always visit your friend without a special occasion, just bringing in a pack of coffee and a cake to accompany.