Easily prevent half an avocado from turning brown with clever method

Whether you’re spreading avocado on toast or making guacamole, leaving only half of an avocado might cause the inside of the fruit to transition from green to brown.

Brown-looking avocados may be safe to eat, but they’re not very appetising to look at.

Plus, a browned avocado tends to taste more bitter, which may not be the flavour you would want.

And the softer texture may make an avocado feel too mushy when eating.

Traci Weintraub, chef and founder of Gracefully Fed, told home and hospitality specialist Martha Stewart why avocados turn brown so quickly and how to stop it.

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“Avocados turn brown when their flesh comes in contact with oxygen,” Traci explained.

When exposed to the air, the fruit essentially has a chemical reaction that produces melanin – the brown-black pigment.

To prevent oxidation from occuring, and the browning, Traci recommends brushing the avocado with olive oil.

Traci said this creates “an oily barrier between the fruit and air, thus preventing browning”.

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Once you have brushed the avocado with olive oil, an additional tip is to place the avocado in an air-tight container.

This will add a layer of protection, said Traci, and then the avocado in the air-tight container can be put into the fridge.

The air-tight container will help protect the avocado against oxygen and the cool temperature in the fridge will help to slow down oxidation.

Traci added that no matter these techniques, avocados can only stay fresh in the fridge for up to four days.

And for those who have heard the rumour that leaving the stone inside the avocado will stop it from turning brown, that is misinformation.

Traci made clear that the stone doesn’t protect the flesh from oxygen exposure, so even if you left the stone inside the half-used avocado, it would still brown.

For the most effective measure against an avocado from browning, Traci recommended sticking to her method.

First, brush the avocado with olive oil and then store it in an air-tight container inside of the fridge.

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