Chef’s fool-proof method to store cheese to keep it fresher for longer

TikToker’s hack to help keep food fresh for weeks

It may seem common sense to simply store cheese in the fridge after coming home from the shops, but there is an easy way to ensure it stays delicious for much longer.

Cheese can last weeks if stored properly, but if the conditions are not right it can easily go hard, mouldy and begin to smell once spoiled.

In order to keep cheese lasting longer it needs to breathe in order to avoid it from drying out or becoming too humid or sweaty.

Luckily. One expert has given a very easy but detailed explanation of how to store cheese properly. Pam is a chef and cookbook writer who enjoys sharing her best food tips on social media in order “to get you hungry and in the kitchen.”

In a recent TikTok video, Pam explained that cheese should not be left in its original packaging from the store. She said: “So most of us think we can buy cheese from the store, bring it home, open it up, use what we need, and then just toss it back into the refrigerator but come with me, I’ll show you what to do.”

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Pam explained that once you open your cheese, you will not need its packaging but instead need either wax paper or parchment paper and some cling film to wrap your cheese in.

She said: “First thing you want to do is grab some wax paper or parchment paper…take your cheese from its store packaging and wrap it nice and tight in your wax or parchment paper.

“Then grab some cling wrap and wrap your cheese up tight. The paper will keep your cheese nice and moist.”

Wrapping your cheese will help it retain moisture and prevent it from drying out, as once exposed to air there is an increased risk of mould growth.


Once wrapped, store your cheese in a dark, cool and airy place, such as the vegetable shelf in your fridge. Pam said: “ Make sure you store it in the crisper section or drawer of your refrigerator which has the most temperature consistency.”

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In Pam’s comment section, people praised her for the food storage method as it had helped them keep their cheese fresher for longer as well as help them save money.

One person said: “This works! My cheese did keep longer.”

Another user wrote: “Wow this worked great, I can’t believe I’m only learning about this now.”

A third commentator wrote: “No wonder my cheese goes bad really fast, thanks!”

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