Top 20 unusual cocktail garnishes – from hot chillies to dried grasshoppers

Edible flowers (70 percent), hot chillies (62 percent), and fermented fruit (56 percent) are some of the top adventurous garnishes Brits will try in their cocktails – but they draw the line at coriander, research has found. A poll of 2,000 adults found that almost four in five (79 percent) say they will “give anything a go” when it comes to food and drinks.

And when it comes to cocktail garnishes, 80 percent voted sour berries as their favourite – but one in three would try hot sauce in their beverage, and 18 percent would even give crunchy dried grasshoppers a go.

Dried worms and dried scorpions are other unusual cocktail additions that 14 percent would not mind sampling, while 16 percent would try squid ink, and 35 percent would add bee pollen to their drink.

However, despite being open to all sorts of unusual ingredients, 74 percent would turn their nose up at using coriander as a cocktail garnish.

The Mexican ingredient is one of the most divisive herbs – and there is even an “I hate coriander” day, on February 24, for those who dislike it.

But despite most Brits saying a firm “no” to coriander, over two-thirds (67 percent) frequently take flavour inspiration for food and drink from travelling overseas.

And it seems they have nothing against the popular Mexican cocktail, margarita – which was recently crowned the UK’s favourite cocktail.

The research, commissioned by Altos Tequila, also found that, when it comes to cocktails, Brits feel most experimental between the ages of 18 and 24 years old.

And to celebrate Brits becoming more experimental with flavours, Altos Tequila has launched a unique range of margarita ice lollies, a twist on Mexico’s classic “paleta” (ice pop) treats.

A decorated truck will appear in London and Brighton this month, handing out free margaritas, including the classic watermelon margarita, and a picante cocktail with chilli and coriander.

Lucky customers will also get the chance to try unique ice lollies, that include twists such as tequila worms and crunchy grasshoppers.

Speaking about the new launch, Simon Hodgson, from Altos Tequila, said: “As the UK gets more inspired by different cultures, we’re seeing an increasing trend of unique ingredients being experimented with in our food and drink, especially cocktails.

“The Mexican margarita is one of the most versatile cocktails out there, so we can’t wait to offer tequila fans our new range of margarita lollies, with some very special twists, as a new way to cool down this summer.”

Operating in London and Brighton, cocktail lovers can receive their free classic and frozen margaritas and ice lollies at Brighton i360 this Friday and Saturday (August 25 and 26), and at Shoreditch Box Park on Thursday, August 31.

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