Christmas debate settled as ‘perfect’ Yorkshire pudding to gravy ratio confirmed

Mary Berry shares her recipe for Yorkshire Puddings

Christmas is just around the corner and this has once again sparked conversation surrounding the festive dinner and its various combinations.

Andy Dale, Sr Brand Manager at Aunt Bessie’s, spoke to exclusively to reveal the popular Yorkshire pudding producer’s ideal gravy ratio.

When it comes to plating the perfect amount of gravy to pour over the Yorkshires, Dale highlighted the need for the “perfect balance”.

He said: “At Aunt Bessie’s, we know that Yorkshire puddings are key to a memorable roast dinner, and the perfect ratio of gravy to pud is hotly debated.

“It’s all about finding the perfect balance, where crispy golden Yorkshire pudding meets velvety, rich gravy.

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“If we work off the commonly accepted 1:1 Pud:Gravy ratio, then the perfect amount of gravy to accompany our Gloriously Golden Yorkshire Puddings is typically between 20-30ml.

“This would give the Yorkshire Pudding enough gravy to add extra flavour and moisture without becoming soggy.”

However, Dale pointed out each person will have a different preference, depending on their own personal taste.

He added: “Although, it’s important to note that there is no right or wrong way to enjoy Yorkshire Puds – this ratio can be adjusted based on personal preferences.

“Some may prefer a drier Yorkshire pudding with a lighter drizzle of gravy, while others might like to soak it in a more substantial amount of gravy.”

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The expert concluded: “The ‘perfect’ ratio ultimately depends on what you find most delicious and satisfying.”

Tesco recently launched its sixth annual Christmas report to offer a unique look into how the UK plans to celebrate this year.

According to the supermarket, turkey once again reigns supreme as the top choice of meat for Christmas dinner.

For 11 percent of Britons chicken will be the centrepiece at the table. Roast beef takes six percent, lamb four percent and steak two percent.

Tesco’s findings also reported this year will be a very meaty Christmas, with 79 percent of dinner tables including meat on Christmas Day 2023, up from 74 percent last year.

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