Keep celery ’crunchy and fresh’ for up to three weeks with this storage method

Food poisoning: Expert gives advice on safe food storage

It is now approaching autumn, and many people will be using celery in hearty yet warming dishes such as stews, curries, and even soups. 

However, it can be frustrating to buy celery for one recipe and then be not sure what to do with the rest, leaving it to go rotten, limp, and soggy. 

This leafy vegetable gives off ethylene gas, a growing hormone gas that can cause it to spoil much more quickly. 

This means celery should never be left in the supermarket plastic packaging it came in, but instead should be stored in a water container in order to keep it hydrated. 

Lottie Dalziel is a sustainability expert who enjoys sharing her best hacks to prevent food waste on social media, and in one video, she has explained that you can cut down on food waste by storing celery in water. 

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How to keep celery crunchy and fresh

Submerge celery in water

Lottie said: “Something I find particularly frustrating is buying a whole bunch of celery because you don’t want the plastic waste of buying half a bunch of celery, but then it goes soggy so quickly. Here is how to keep it nice, crunchy, and fresh for so long.” 

In order to keep celery fresh, Lottie explained: “Chop it up, pop it into some water and it will stray crunchy for literally weeks. I’m using a silicon food pouch that can easily go into my fridge door.”

Celery has a high water content which means keeping the moisture locked in will keep it fresher for up to two or three weeks longer. This method is best for chopped celery in order to keep the stalks hydrated and crispy. 

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In the video comment section, Lottie said that “ideally” the water in your celery container should be changed once a week or at least once every ten days. 

The key to keeping celery crispy is making sure it does not dry out and stays hydrated. It can be stored in the fridge but should only be frozen if used for soups, stir frys or strews.  

Once in extremely cold temperatures celery will begin to go limp and will not be able to be crispy again once thawed out. 

Lottie finished her video by explaining that her celery was continuing to stay crunch and “perfect.” In her comment section, one user praised Lottie for her food storage hack and wrote: “Yep, this worked like a treat!” 

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