More than one in three Brits have argued – about biscuits, research finds

Brits are gearing up for crunch talks – as more than one in three have quibbled with someone about BISCUITS. A poll of 2,000 adults found 48 percent of those who have clashed over the sweet treats did so because someone tucked into the second layer of “posh” ones in a tin, before the top layer had been finished.

Tensions bubbled under the surface for 44 percent when the packet wasn’t sealed correctly – causing them to go stale before their time.

And a fifth were shocked when a Ginger Nut was let loose in the biscuit tin, making all the others taste “gingery” – while 21 percent have been dismayed after they climbed into bed to find crumbs between the sheets.

The research was commissioned by McVitie’s ahead of National Biscuit Day on Monday 29th May, to reveal the nation’s biscuit barneys.

It also emerged 23 percent of biscuit-lovers are so consumed by their favourite snack that they think about them more than their love lives.

And if they were in the early stages of a relationship, 13 percent would consider calling time on it if they deemed their love interest to have “odd” biscuit behaviours.

Aslı Özen Turhan, from the leading biscuit baker, said: “We know our fans are passionate about their biscuits, and this can clearly lead to debate.

“Whether you’re a cup of tea and a biscuit in bed type of person, or you keep your chocolate biscuits in the fridge, we encourage the nation to enjoy our biscuits in their own individual ways.

“Clearly, the one thing we can agree on is that we all love settling down to enjoy a biscuit break.”

The research also found those who have argued about biscuits have an average of 24 heated discussions each year about the snacks.

And it is their other half (37 percent) and their kids (19 percent) who are most likely to be in the firing line.

When looking at some of the more common arguments, 67 percent think a cupboard is the best place to store biscuits – but 20 percent will pop them in the fridge.

And two in three are willing to risk cross-contamination with their biscuits by storing them loose in the same tub, while 24 percent keep the different flavours separate.

More than half (54 percent) also believe the person who takes the last biscuit from the tin should be responsible for ensuring it is restocked.

But thankfully, six in ten don’t remember the last time their house was out of biscuits.

It also emerged 43 percent will put their foot down when it comes to eating the snack in bed – however, 34 percent will happily let their partner nibble away in the boudoir.

And although heading straight to the second layer of the “posh” biscuits is the biggest cause of biscuit contention, 42 percent still maintain it is an acceptable thing to do, according to the research conducted via OnePoll.

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