Cook’s method for making ‘crispiest’ roast chicken labelled the ‘best’

A cook has gone viral on social media after sharing a simple method for making the “crispiest” roast chicken, as revealed in a clip.

The hack comes from TikTok food enthusiast Emily Claire Baird, who racked up more than 11,000 likes after demonstrating the method with just “three things”; a cast iron skillet, a tablespoon of kosher salt, and a chicken.

As the content creator put her technique to the test on camera, she told her viewers: “Here’s how to make the easiest, crispiest, roast chicken ever.”

A critical step is patting the chicken dry before it is sprinkled with salt. In the meantime, you can heat your skillet in a 475(F) degree oven.

“Once it’s hot add the chicken, you don’t need oil or butter. Put it in the oven for about an hour,” adds Baird. Follow each of these steps and you’ll end up with the “crispiest chicken you have ever seen in your life,” she then declared.

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The result shown on camera is a golden roast chicken sizzling in its own jus, as Baird noted: “As it rests, it will make its own pan gravy.”

The post was quick to garner attention, racking up 555 comments.

One user wrote: “I do a similar method! I dry it in the fridge overnight. Salt & pepper only. Raised Rac, 450F. Best. Chicken. Every. I’ll try yours soon!”

Several people raised an eyebrow at the lack of seasoning, but the move was quickly defended by the content creator who explained salt is enough to bring out the flavours.

Others confirmed this, adding that salt is the only season that would tolerate such high temperatures for a prolonged period of time.

“Sometimes simplicity is best!” noted one person.

Another viewer who appeared to have put the hack to the test, wrote: “This was A+++++”

Another encouraging comment read: “I have now made about ten like this, it is indeed incredibly crispy and delish. Never going back.”

“This is 100 percent THE best way to roast chicken,” said another commentator. “Stuff it with onion & lemon quarters, garlic, and fresh rosemary, thyme and sage.”

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